Do you love me?

Love'Nia Renee
1 min readMay 2, 2022

A new identity requires a deep look in the mirror, acknowledging the person that was, and welcoming the being you've become! L.Renee

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Do I belong to you?

Do you belong to me?

My love is true to you, I will proceed to give you all of my senses and all my abilities to comprehend.

With all my love, I'll always give you recognition, and the opportunity of precision.

With every piece of you I pray, the presence of your spirit tells me you won’t ever fall astray!

Protect our love, it comes from within, study our bodies, how could this lovemaking be a sin?

I praise the touching of your thoughts, tell me if I'm of some sort of default!

Your breath, I hear your heartbeat. I meditate on your smell.

With all powers of despair, desperately I whisper in your ear, I Love you.

Pray for my comfort and my soul! Let me hear that you are reading my thoughts, as a whole.

Let's keep our love on repeat, and whisper the truth to me, through all our defeats!

My goals for my life, are No Fear for I love you today, and tomorrow. Always hold down the part of me that you love.



Love'Nia Renee

Mother of 3... Proud Autism MOM, , ARTIST, POET plus Beautiful woman that ❤ loves God! Art and Writing MY 4TAY!